Calligraphy Classes 

Hi, I am so glad you are here! I have been practicing calligraphy for about 6 years now, and have fallen in love with the skill. Although it can seem like an outdated practice, modern calligraphy is popping up everywhere from wedding invitations to art to simply improving your penmanship. It's a truly meditative process, and can't wait to see you fall in love with it just like I did!

Common Questions

Q: Can I join a class if I have never tried calligraphy before?

A: My classes are super fun and relaxed, and are mostly aimed at helping people with no prior experience. This means we start with the basics!

Q: What is included in each class?

A: In all of my classes, you don't have to bring any materials. They are all included. On top of that, some classes include extras like wine and refreshments, or a card at the end to letter!

Q: What is pointed pen calligraphy?

A: Pointed pen calligraphy is traditional calligraphy using a pen with a sharp tip that you dip in ink to write. 

Meet the Teacher


Hi! My name is Taylor, and I am the calligraphy artist. I first started calligraphy when I was in high school. My mom bought me a few basic calligraphy materials, because I had been obsessing over all of the viral videos. My first few weeks were brutal. I was so frustrated that I could not make art like the people I had seen on my phone screen. Nothing was working, and I almost gave up. Thankfully I didn't, and now can say that I haven't stopped learning the art for about 6 years now. 

I wanted to start teaching classes, because I know how difficult and frustrating it can be starting out. But, with the right teacher, it doesn't have to be that way at all. Classes are a fun and relaxed way of learning all of the tips and tricks instead of painstakingly trying to figure it out on your own.

Now that I know how to do calligraphy, and feel confident in my skill, I use it all the time! I do wedding envelopes, cards, chalk boards, mirrors, art prints, you name it! And I have so much fun doing it. I hope that as you learn this art form, that you will find all kinds of creative ways to express it. 

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